Intrahealth Profile Working Developer Group

Does your medical facility use the medical record system "Profile" by Intrahealth?  I have started a new working group specifically for developers of the Profile product.  This product is far superior to the many other medical record systems I have seen out there and probably by far the most developer extensible system.

For those new or unknown to this product, it is a Win32 application built mostly on the .net platform and throughout the product are many, many hooks for developers to take advantage of.  Writing your own custom code can be done directly in the product client application using .Net C#, VBScript, or JScript. 

With many years of experience developing on this product, and as powerful and great this product is the difficulty is the sheer size of the features and customizations that can be utilized.  My goal is to help those working on Profile increase the speed of knowledge and skills needed to maintain and support their environment.  Some organizations have little to no I.T. so we offer our direct help with almost any aspect of Profile. However even with larger organizations there can be more dedicated people involved but also more turnover in staff.  The goal of this working group is to have an ongoing, ever growing platform to discuss, and share knowledge, accomplishments, tactics, documents, forms, macros, etc.

I have chosen to use the Microsoft Teams product.  If you are unfamiliar the Teams product is now a complete replacement for Skype for Business and a free version is available for anyone to start using Teams.

Teams is part of the Office 365 platform, thus is backed by the Azure cloud infrastructure with Onedrive storage and SharePoint sites, and utilizes the rest of the Office product suite.  For those organizations concerned about the location of storage of our files (referring to PHIPA, etc.), our office tenant is in Canada on Canadian servers.

If you and your organization are interested to join this group please contact me with a valid organization email address account.  I'm not accepting people using their personal Hotmail, gmail, yahoo, email accounts.

Kudos go out to Intrahealth for making a far superior product and we all look forward to see how this product continues to advance.

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